A Night to Remember with Electric Photoland, Howie D, and Zona Blanca


In the small-ish city of Spokane, Washington, there exists a vibrant intersection of creativity, culture, and community. At the heart of this intersection, you'll find Electric Photoland, a photo booth and marketing business with a knack for transforming ordinary events into extraordinary experiences.

Today, we're excited to share with you one of the most memorable events we've had the pleasure to be a part of. Picture this: a warm evening in downtown Spokane, the air buzzing with anticipation and excitement. The location? Zona Blanca, a celebrated coastal Mexican restaurant known for its delectable cuisine, particularly its divine ceviche and margaritas. This is where "Howie Eats with Howie D" took place, a unique meet and greet party hosted by the talented Chef Chad White.

The occasion was twofold. Not only was it an opportunity for fans to dine with Howie Dorough of the legendary Backstreet Boys, but it also served as a joyous celebration of his birthday. Howie was in town for the band's concert tour, which included a performance at the Spokane Arena the following night.

As guests arrived at Zona Blanca, they were greeted with an inviting patio, beautifully set up for the event. Chef Chad White and his team were at their finest, serving up drinks and flavorful dishes that further amplified the festive atmosphere. Amidst the lively chatter and clinking of glasses, one could catch tantalizing hints of Zona Blanca's renowned ceviche, a crowd favorite that never fails to impress.

In the midst of this exhilarating ambiance, Electric Photoland had set up a unique spectacle - our bespoke photo booth. With a backdrop of black and white wavy checkers, the booth was a standout feature that added a touch of whimsical charm to the evening.

What truly set our photo booth apart were the custom overlays designed by our talented graphic designer. Each overlay, tailored specifically for the event, added a touch of personalization to the photographs, resulting in keepsakes that guests could cherish as mementos of this extraordinary evening.

And let's not forget the piece de resistance - an exquisite cake prepared by the wizards at Breaüxdoo Bakery. A visual delight that was as delicious as it was beautiful, it was the perfect tribute to the birthday boy, Howie.

The excitement of the birthday celebration seamlessly carried over to the following evening when the Backstreet Boys set the stage ablaze at the Spokane Arena. Performing fan favorites like "Don't Want You Back," "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)," "Quit Playing Games with My Heart," "As Long As You Love Me," and "All I Have to Give," they had fans on their feet, singing and dancing along, their energy echoing the vibrant spirit of the previous night's festivities.

Looking back, we're humbled to have been a part of such an unforgettable event. Not only did we get to witness the magic of a birthday celebration and a phenomenal concert, but we also had the opportunity to contribute to the merriment through our unique photo booth.

If you're planning an event and want to create lasting memories with a touch of magic, consider booking the very photo booth that Howie Dorough used for his birthday celebration. With our signature backdrops and customizable overlays, Electric Photoland is committed to bringing a creative flair to your special occasion.

So why wait? Give us a call and let us help you turn your event into an experience to remember. With Electric Photoland, you're not just capturing moments, you're creating memories that will resonate for a lifetime.


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