Terrain 14


Ah, the charm of the 1970s! Let's transport you down to Grandpa's basement with the wood paneling, swag lamp, beer cans, ashtrays, and Gentlemen's magazines that fit the vibe. If you were at Terrain 14 on October 5th and 6th in downtown Spokane, Washington, you'd have experienced a blast from the past, all thanks to the unique collaboration between Electric Photoland and Teleport Vintage. And if you missed it, let us take you on a groovy journey!

Downtown Spokane was alive with vibrant artistry as local artists showcased their creativity at Terrain 14. Amidst this lively celebration, our exhibit was fun and interactive, resonating with the retro essence of the 1970s. We’re incredibly proud and excited to share that our collaboration with Teleport Vintage was an undeniable highlight of the event.

Teaming Up for Time Travel

Our collaboration with Teleport Vintage was nothing short of funky magic. Teleport gracefully provided the majority of the era-specific pieces. Our design team created a killer backdrop, and we worked together to build a set that felt like stepping into a time capsule, with every corner exuding nostalgia and authenticity. We heard from so many attendees that this set with all the details was bringing them back to this era!

The Launch of our Teleportrait Service

Guests weren’t just spectators; they became part of the experience! We wanted to open a portal to another place. Using our state-of-the-art Romr x Smilebooth photography setup and camera array, attendees had the chance to get interactive 3D videos of themselves as well as moody vintage vibe photos. These videos weren't just any regular clips; they captured the fun, the laughter, and the unmistakable 70s vibe.

Guests couldn't stop raving about the authentic '70s set. Many expressed surprise at the attention to detail and the super-fun output from the photography experience. Indeed, it was a night many in Spokane won't easily forget.

If you're seeking a unique, immersive photography experience in Spokane, look no further than Electric Photoland. Need some true-to-era furniture, art, or anything else, head over to Teleport! Whether it’s a throwback to another era or a futuristic fantasy, our team is here to bring your vision to life.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us at Terrain 14 and to Teleport Vintage for making this collaboration a roaring success. We can't wait to bring more such experiences to the Spokane community!

Stay tuned for more, and remember: Life's a photo, make it Electric!

Interested in your own Teleportrait experience?

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